Socialist Resistance in Manchester





  • Supporters of Socialist Resistance in Manchester are working in active partnership with organisations around the world linked to the revolutionary Fourth International.


  • We are with feminist initiatives around the globe, in solidarity with our comrades in sister organisations mobilising for abortion rights, and against femicide in Latin America, with LGBT+ movements, for a world without exploitation and oppression.


  • We are ecosocialists, making environmental struggle central to our politics, taking inspiration, for example, from our comrades linking the Indian subcontinent through the climate caravan initiatives and building sustainable communities in Southeast Asia in contexts of war.


  • We are building action against US and British imperialism, in solidarity with our Russian comrades in opposition to Putin, with our Syrian comrades fighting Assad, and combating the drive to war a worldwide.


  • Our comrades across the Arab world and inside Israel are in solidarity with the Palestinian people, a struggle inextricably linked with the fight against antisemitism and other forms of racism.


  • Our activity in the trades unions is oriented toward action independent of the bureaucracy, drawing the leadership into joint action, and working with new forms of labour organisation in precarious and zero-hour contract jobs.


  • Our International Youth Camp based in Europe brings students and other young revolutionary eco-socialist activists together from around the world.


  • We are for sustained collective struggle against capitalism, patriarchal rule and racism, and we push at the limits of social-democratic and electoral politics. We are inside and outside the Labour Party. We are for socialist resistance.


More details of discussion and action here on our diary page, for useful connections to other sites here on our links page, and how to connect with us here on our contact page