Wednesday 19 February 2020, 7pm-9pm, Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.


MEMOIRS OF A CRITICAL COMMUNIST: Towards a history of the Fourth International by Livio Maitan, with a preface by Daniel Bensaïd, Translated by Gregor Benton, Edited and with an introduction by Penelope Duggan, RRP: £20, €24, $28; 456 pages, inc. b&w photos. Pub. Resistance Books, IIRE and Merlin Press. http://resistancebooks.org/product/memoirs-of-a-critical-communist/

Gregor Benton writes: “Livio Maitan helped inspire the growth of Italian Trotskyism. There was also a wave of Maoism in the 1960s and a debate ensued, to which Livio contributed his book on China, Party, Army, and Masses. I was deeply influenced by it, and I translated it for New Left Books. The book combined criticism of the Chinese Revolution with support. From it, I learned how to write engaged scholarship. Livio could have shone at a leading university had he wanted, but instead he spent most of his life working on a shoestring. In 2002, he wrote this history of the Fourth International to go alongside his autobiography. Translating this new book was a bittersweet experience. Through it, I was able to relive chapter by chapter my wild political youth and my middle age. Livio Maitan’s spirit lifts this story from a catalogue of false starts into a chronicle of heroism and optimism. He died before Black Lives MatterMe TooCorbynismGilets JaunesExtinction Rebellion  and other new struggles, but he paved the way for them. This book shows the road to socialism remains open.”

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Monday 9 March 2020, 7pm-9pm, Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

Ireland – North and South.

This discussion will be led by Declan O’Neill, recently returned from Ireland, in a meeting organised by Manchester Socialist Resistance at 7pm on Monday 9th March in Friends Meeting House.

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In the past few years activists in Manchester Socialist Resistance have organised public meetings with speakers from Jewish Voice for Labour and from Red Green Labour, with Derek Wall former principal speaker of the Green Party on links between Red and Green politics, with Hugo Blanco, revolutionary ecosocialist from Peru, with Kleanthis Antoniou from the Greek section of the Fourth International, with Marike Colle from the Belgian section of the Fourth International on feminism and ecosocialism, with Badrul Alum from the Krishok Peasant Federation of Bangladesh, with Farooq Tariq from the Awami Workers Party in Pakistan, with Maria, a comrade from the Revolutionary Workers Party of The Philippines speaking on sustainable food policy, with Alan Thornett to talk about his book Facing the Apocalypse, with Aris Vasilopoulos speaking about the crisis in Greece, Mohkam Bai on India under Modi and Ian Parker on Cuba and China. We organised the Climate and Capitalism conferences in Manchester with Hugo Blanco from Peru and Joel Kovel from the United States. We have texts available from meetings, including an interview with Mohkam Bai on India, and Ian Parker on Cuba and on China.

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